Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Woman at the gate

Yesterday, as I was walking a patient and friend home from her follow up appointment we ran in to a woman.  She, like many others, was standing at the port gate hoping to talk to someone from Mercy Ships that will be able to help her with her medical needs.  She had stomach pains and I told her (like I have told many others) we don’t treat stomach pains and all the surgery slots have been filled for the year.  You could tell that she was fighting back tears, and it broke my heart.  I have no idea the extent of this woman’s pain, but I wanted to hold her and cry with her.  Instead, I apologized and walked away with my friend.  There is so much pain here, yet I am still struggling with finding my place here.  How do I help bring heaven to those that come in to my life?  My answer comes to me as I am sitting with my friend, amongst her family and friends; we talked, crocheted, and drank ginger beer.  But this woman, I don’t even know her name, is still on my mind.  Questions rage in my head every time I run in to a person desperate for treatment.  I would appreciate if you could take time and pray for her, I know she is one among millions, but God knows her, loves her and has placed her on my heart.  I hope he puts her on your heart as well…

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